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28th August 2007, 04:30 AM
This mornings strike on Tuapse was a success, but the Armoured company advancing on the port was not blessed with such luck.

The lead tank platoon ran into a minefield North of Lazarovskoe, and was disabled.
The second platoon suffered from a mechanical failure and stopped short of their objective.

Engineers were sent in to clear the minefield and recover the stranded 3rd platoon who are awaiting recovery now.

There was better news inland at the town of Hadzhiko where a Mechanised infantry company captured their objective. Rangers have recce'd the path ahead and have ascertained that it is not mined.

The river there was bridged at 11:00 this morning and an Armoured company of M1's advanced forward to a small village 7km north, meeting no resistance.

At approximately the same time F-16 SEAD aircraft were sent north to continue their task of clearing air defences, but were lured into a trap. It seems that the Russians have much more advanced SAM systems hidden in the mountains, closer to the front lines than we expected and 6 F-16's were lost. Two locator beacons have been identified, and SAR teams will attempt to rescue the crews this evening.

The Georgian Air force has been itching to join the fight with us since this began, and will now get that chance, Smirnov flight will be handling SEAD for us for this operation.


Enfield flight of 3 A-10
1 - AFAC for Colt flight
2 - AFAC for Uzi flight
3 - AFAC for Springfield Flight

Springfield flight of 2 A-10
You are to provide Close air support for the rescue of the US tanks south of Tuapse (WP2)

Colt flight of 2 A-10
You are to provide Close air support for an Armoured assualt towards Georgievskoe (WP2)

Uzi flight of 2 A-10
Search and Destroy reinforcements en-route to Tuapse which are expected to pass through Georievskoe within the next 30 minutes (WP2 <-> WP3).

Your primary target is an SA-11 system in the convoy. The launchers are unable to fire whilst moving and require time to set up, hit them before they reach Tuapse.

Smirnov flight of 2 SU-25
Provide SEAD cover for A-10 strike aircraft in the general area of Tuapse and Georgievskoe (WP3).

Eagle flight of 4 F-15C
Provide CAP for the strike aircraft over the area of Lazarovskoe.

28th August 2007, 06:09 AM
Smirnov flight will be handling SEAD for us for this operation.

Smirnov, I like it!

28th August 2007, 08:15 AM
Yeah great plot!

Smirnov, crap that means I will have to be drunk for this :whistling: