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3rd March 2008, 07:19 AM
I've been swamped at work, and I decided to work today (Sunday) as I had to spray some doors and electrical panels at one of my commercial buildings. All the tenants are gone on Sundays so it was supposed to only be a 5-6 hour job and the weather was nice. I show up at work and start masking the doors off. I notice that one of the doors looks like it had been pried open a bit, it was one of the bathroom doors that sits on the end of the building. I didn't have my keys with me so I called the old man to tell him to come up and take a look.

He shows up an hour later, opens the pried door and there's a hole in the bathroom wall going thru into the insurance company. This particular company (there are two in that building) caters to the illegals. The illegals pay cash for monthly installments on car insurance, then when they get their documents they cancel. That way they fake out the cops when they get pulled over. Anyhow, this guy carries lots of cash inside the office. I call the cops, dad calls the business owner and we look inside. The office has been raped. We've had this happen in another building of ours so when dad built this one, he put OSB (a type of plywood) on the end cap walls and sheetrocked over them. It stopped a break in a couple years ago on this same business.

So the business owner doesn't alarm the building, he forgot. So now his office is fucked up, the thieves have pulled all kinds of wires from the phone junction, cuz they thought the place might be alarmed. Dad's pissed, my Sunday is shot cuz not only can't I paint the doors but it's gonna cost the family business a grand to fix all this shit. Granted, I get paid to do it but in the end it's a no win situation cuz it's not improving the property, it's just fixing stuff that shouldn't have been fuxored in the first place. The steel door that was pried is gonna cost $300. I gotta hang the heavy sumbitch. So anyway, I go to Home Depot and grab some rock and a piece of plywood and I start patching the holes. Took two of us 6 hours today to clean up and to get the drywall taped. Gotta re-hang one of the sinks cuz one of the aforementioned dickheads used it to stand on. Tomorrow I drive 90 miles round trip to get the right door, I gotta do some more mudding on the patches (as well as sanding, so it's gonna be a nasty mess).

I swear to god one of these days I'm gonna catch a burglar or a graffiti "artist" and some really bad shit is gonna happen to them. It seems that I spend more time cleaning shit up because of these two types than I do anything else on our properties. Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm stacked up worse at work than I have been?

I just wanna hurt someone who deserves it. A little bit. Please god.

189th Rex
3rd March 2008, 07:44 AM
I say you should go to Google Images and find a picture of Bin Laden and print off about 5 copies of the picture with target rings superimposed. Drive out to some remote location and staple the prints to a tree (if there are any to be found, here in Oregon we tend to assume) and then load the rifle. Take out your anger on the picture and don't stop until you either run out of ammunition or the tree falls. Great stress relief, and there's no prison term for assault and battery.

This actually happened once, we put a pic of Osama on a tree, and we actually shot it in half with .22 rifles ("we" being my cousins and I back when we were 10).

4th March 2008, 12:05 AM
sucks dude! "go to that happy place"

4th March 2008, 12:46 AM
That sucks, sorry to hear that Rugg. To bad you can't shock the crap out of them when they break in.

8th March 2008, 02:33 AM
When it rains it pours. I've been swamped with work and I'm working this weekend all the way thru Wednesday (next week) to finish this job, then I have another one to start right away. Then another one after that, although it's for a buddy so I don't have to work weekends (unless the weather screws me up).