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Default Lesson 1 for non-memebers

Mission 1

2, 3 or 4 aircraft

As wingman
Prior reading - SOP's "Standard Multiship Takeoff", "Non-Tactical Formations", "Tactical Formations", "How to" guides for Take off, Formation flying and Sochi RTB diagrams.

Apply Standard Operating Procedures during the following Air Exercise
Start Taxi Take Off
Climb in close formation
Turning in close form
Line Astern
Lead Change
Tac turns
Radar responsibilities
RTB in echelon, descent, initial and pitch, circuit, hot lane.


3 Squadron Standard operating proceedures from Spooling up, out to the fight, and the RTB.

Proceedures marked in Red additional for Su-27 and Mig-29.
These proceedures are used to enhance multi-aircraft tactics and efficiency whilst minimising radio clutter and confusion. They will grow and change as we learn.

Standard Multiship Start-Taxi-Take off
These procedures are designed to be used without comms.

Nominate lead and flight callsign, 2, 3, 4 either during loadout or once on the ramp
When spooling turn on Nav Lights
When spooled, lower canopy and flaps
When ready to taxi - landing light on

Lead taxi's when flight's landing lights all on. 2, 3, 4 taxi 100 meter spacing (5 a/c lengths).

Line up - As displayed: Battle 3 is used for when the runway is too small for Vic, or a high crosswind exists, is non-standard. Lead should call "Victory line up battle 3".

Run up - Lead checks flight is lined up and ready for Take off. Wheel brakes on, run up to 100%. Flight runs up when they see leads nose dip.

Brake release - Lead looks at 2. When 2's head is looking at lead, lead looks front, releases brakes. When rolling, slowly accelerate to full burner, lead then drops it back a bit to allow flight to catch up.

Take off as per How To guide. *note - use mil instead of 80% on the run up

Passing 300kts/550 lead set 97% RPM. Select a climb attitude for 350kts/600 (this will vary with payload. Try 10` at first, adjust as necessary in 1` increments, don't chase the airspeed indicator).

Once levelled off, cruise at 400kts/700 IAS.

Non-tactical formations
Always cruise at 400kts/700, climb at 350/600, descend at 400/700

Rejoin after take off
2 Ship remains in echelon
Vic remains Vic, Battle 3 forms Vic.
4 ship flight forms "finger 4" as shown below.

The collision avoidance contract is #4 avoids #3 avoids #2 avoids #1.
Do not randomly change sides!

Tactical Formations

Always cruise at 400kts/700, climb at 350/600 descend at 400kts/700
Lead can call for these at any time, preferably on climb out.

Standard 2 ship tactical formation is spread. Lead calls "2 Go spread". Respond "2". Lead can brief any changes or different formations as required either prior to take off or on the climb out. If lead requires #2 to be at a different ALT call "2 stack 5000 low" or "2 stack 2000high". Stacking #2 low makes it easier for him to maintain visual on lead.

Turning the formation
When changing heading a small amount remember your Wall or spread is like a swinging gate. Inside fighters need to slow down a bit and outside fighters need to speed up a whole lot.

Use the Tac Turn to change heading by 90`. Heading 360 Lead calls "Victory tac turn left 270". Lead padlocks #2. #2 executes a {u]4G[/u] level turn to 270. Just before #2 disappears behind Lead's ejection seat, lead executes a 4G turn to the left to 270. The a/c will now be heading 270 in spread with the correct spacing, albeit on opposite sides of the formation.

Any line abreast formation of 2 or more a/c can use the tac turn. Each consecutive a/c waits for the previous a/c to be nose on.

Two consecutive Tac turns can be used to change direction 180`. Otherwise enter at 4 G into a Split-S, Immelmann, or turn same direction through 180`

In a safe environment, an initial and pitch from echelon with 4 second spread at 1500ft/500m AGL. A low pitch can be made from 400ft/150m AGL.

Hot Lane and re-arming
After you've slowed your a/c to <100kts/180 move to the left side of the runway in order to provide a hot lane on the right for over-cooked landings. Taxi off the runway for rearming and refueling. When rearming/refueling as a multiship, return to a parking area and turn off landing lights until ready. Start the process from the top.

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